New Culture of Communication


Petra Aczél is going to present her paper on "New Media Culture - New Culture of Communication" at the “International Communication Faculties Conference” organized by the Medialog Platform of the Journalists and Writers Foundation and the Faculty of Communication of Istanbul University, on 11th October in Istanbul.


Rhetoric: Suppressed and Revived

Petra Aczél is going to give a talk on "Suppressed and Revived: Challenges of Central European Rhetoric" at the international conference titled Rhetoric in Europe at the University of Saarlandes, on 10th October.


In August, 2013: Verbal and Visual Rhetoric in a Media World

Edited by Hilde van Belle et al, published by Leiden University, 2013

"Since Aristotle, the study of rhetoric has focused on the persuasive aspect of verbal discourse in the political, forensic and ceremonial domains. Changing cultural and political conditions urge us to discuss the status, scope and value of rhetorical studies as a discipline. One of these conditions is the increasing influence of visual communication.
This collection brings together work that examines how rhetoric functions at this moment and how it balances tradition and renewal. A substantial part of the collection focuses specifically on the issue of media discourse and visual rhetoric as it appears in pictures, graphics, cartoons, documentaries and videos."

Petra Aczél's chapter titled 'Netoric: An Approach to New Media Rhetoric' is in the 4. section of this forthcoming book.

Media literacy

Petra Aczél's paper titled "Reconceptualizing New Media Literacy" has been published in the conference volume of DisCo 2013 (pp. 17-24). The e-book (New technologies and media literacy education, Jan Beseda-Zbynek Machát (eds.), Center for Higher Education Studies, Prague, 2013) can be downloaded from here.

Rhetorical Literacy

Petra Aczel is going to present her talk on "Civil Literacy - Rhetorical Education" at the 4th international conference of Rhetoric in Society in Copenhagen on 17th January 2013. Click here for details.



Petra Aczél is going to present her paper on "Visionary Rhetoric - Teaching Imagistic Communication" at the 3rd international conference of the Visual Learning Laboratory (BME, Budapest) titled Visual Learning: Communication-Cognition-Curriculum. Everyone interested in the wide range of topics dwelt upon are welcome to participate. The conference is held on 7-8 December. Petra Aczél's talk starts at 14.30, 7th December. Visit the conference website for more details.

More Upcoming Conferences

Petra Aczél is going to participate as lecturer at the following conferences:

International conference on the Impact of Internet on Children and Youth organized by the International Children's Safety Service in the framework of the "Safer Internet Plus" program of the European Union held 25-26th September 2012, at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Budapest.

International conference organized in the line of Rhetoric in Society events, titled Contemporary Rhetorical Citizenship: Purposes, Practices and Perspectives held 15-18th January 2013 at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Public Skills

Petra Aczél is going to present her paper on "Learning Public Skills - Teaching (Global) Publicity" at the 3rd World Conference on Learning, Teaching and Educational Leadership, which is held from 25th to 28th October 2012 in Brussels.




Visions and Actions

Petra Aczél gave a lecture on "New Languages Required in Church Communication and Campaigns" at the conference of Pax Romana - The International Catholic Movement for Intellectual and Cultural Affairs on 30th July 2012, in Vienna. The meeting - as its title suggested - was focused on "Times of Crises, Time to Share Visions and Actions - Searching for a New Paradigm".


Challenges of Rhetoric

The University of Zagreb organized its first International Conference on Rhetoric (in honour of Ivo Skaric) from 19th-22nd April 2012 on the island of Brac, in Postira, Croatia. Petra Aczél gave a lecture here with the title "Challenging Rhetoric in the Age of ’Bytes and Likes’" and chaired the panel on Rhetoric and Theology. 



New Book Published

Petra Aczél's new book titled Médiaretorika (Mediarhetoric) was published in March 2012 by Magyar Mercurius. Click on MÉDIARETORIKA for more details.